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The Open Innovation Consortium in session at Google in Switzerland 

Open Innovation meets Big Data Consortium 
"Trading Insights from Analytics in the Spirit of Open Innovation"  Meets Amsterdam Dec 5 hosted by Tom Tom


This (OIBD) Consortium brings together practitioners in Open Innovation from across Europe to learn together about best practises, recent experiences, different perspectives of the innovation provider and the purchaser as well as to find and try out better ways to address the problems which arise along the way


Consortium participants from software, healthcare, retail, finance, consumer goods, telecoms, manufacturing and beyond are building relationships with each other in the OIBD consortium making it easier for new ideas and initiatives to be shared across industry boundaries in a trusting environment .

This consortium is currently pursuing member interests focussed around Big Data - ie trading 'data rich  assets' instead of IP as originally envisoned by Henry Chesbrough. Members of the consoritum  see benefits thro better customer targetting; improved supply chains as well as more efficient R & D and Operations .. but challenges including 'permission' 'ownership' and 'trust'.

With members spanning : Communications, Insurance, Mapping, Finance, Smart Cities, Data Warehousing and Manufacturing, the consortium has recently focussed on: 'health and wellness', 'automotive' and 'future retail' applications of this exciting new paradigm.

OI consortium members have worked together to create an Open Innovation Maturity Model which is described in this paper by Zeppelin University and Radboult University.

"The OI Consortium has provided a unique forum of experts with whom one can discuss key issues around innovation management, learn from the experience of peers across a variety of industries, establish extremely valuable networks for cross-company benchmark. The efficient way in which meetings are structured has allowed a very effective use of the face-to-face time, as well as great flexibility in steering the discussions according to the topics of interest that may emerge"
Claudio Marinelli: Director Open Innovation and Academic Relations—Nokia

"My experience in the participation of previous OI consortium has been excellent. In particular I found the interactions with peers from other companies very good, and the programs rich enough to foster interesting discussions. The OI event at WIPO in Geneva was a great success and I learned a lot about IP" Michel Benard : Head of University Relations—Google

"The DSM Innovation Center participated two years ago in the Open Innovation consortium, and the outcome and insight from the collaboration with other companies and institutions that were dealing with the same topic really proved to be a jumpstart in many ways. DSM is still getting benefits from that collaboration. It was a non-commercial, non-salespitch initiative, very different from the usual stuff we get from suppliers. It was the 'real deal'."  Massimo Mercuri : Innovation Projects - Royal DSM