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Microfluidics Consortium 2018 US Open Day.
Information Page.

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Open Day Feb 1 :

Day time programme hosted by MF9 member Labcyte:  170 Rose Orchard Way, San Jose, California 95134, USA


Evening programme hosted by MF9 member Molecular Devices NEW HQ: 3860 North 1st Street, San Jose, California 95134. USA


Presentation/discussion Sessions focussed on:

New Research into  Microfluidics Applications

Opportunities for Microfluidics in DNA read / write

New ways to manipulate droplets with Microfluidics

Standards in Microfluidics

Opportunities for a Collaborative Approach in Microfluidics


Networking with industry thought leaders from Europe and America. Come for the insights! Come for the discussion! Come for the contacts! Help us to shape the industry!

Speakers  from: Microsoft Research (USA), Pharmaseq (USA), Labcyte (USA), 10X Genomics, Stanford University, UCR

Signed up delegates for the Open Day on Feb 1 will also have free access to our Networking Reception shared with Bay Area Microfluidics on the same evening.


Download agenda/delegate list  This document is changing regularly. Remember to refresh your browser so you see the latest version!!)

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