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Microfluidics Consortium
- global video meeting
Boston June 10

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MF7 US Open Day

The mission of the MF11 consortium is to grow the  market for Microfluidics-enabled products and  services.

Help us to make it happen!

Our next meeting takes place on June 10th at the Broad Institute of MIT in Cambridge MA

This is usually a closed members only meeting. However due to the Corona Virus situation we are re-formatting this meeting as Zoom meeting and opening some of the sessions  to non-members (for a modest fee) there will be virtual 'member booths' and 'discussion pods' which can be visited throughout the day.

The timing has been selected so that it is convenient for both European and North American delegates. 

Places are limited! The following links are designed to help you. Come back regularly and refresh your browser to get the latest information. 

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