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7th Microfluidics Consortium Visit Boston hosted by NorthEastern
                                                             with Open Day on June 24 (for non-members too                            


This Consortium brings together stakeholders in Microfluidics from across Europe and the USA to learn about state-of-the-art, recent applications, market dynamics as well as to collaborate to address  key issues which are constraining growth and scale-up.

DiagramParticipants with interests including those listed above benefit by:

  • Learning from successes and experiences in other industries/sectors,
  • Identifying and promoting good practices for example

          - Precursors to standards (eg connectors and chip holders)

          - Intellectual property management

  • Meeting stakeholders and influencers in 'Grand Challenges' for microfluidics
  • Hearing pitches from start ups seeking help and investment in our "Microfluidics Hot Seat" formula
  • Promoting their products and services through our international open day events, news feeds  & in online directories
  • Building technology and market intelligence portfolios,
  • Participating in a confidential trusting community of experts,
  • Sharing the costs with 20-25 other organizations,
  • Doing more with less.
Each year, half the consortium meetings take place in North America and half in Europe. We regularly organise study tours to the Pacific Rim.

While the consortium's work is confidential. Its members have created public domain websites www.microfluidicsdirectory.com and www.microfluidicsinfo.com  to support the industry.

"Many thanks for all your efforts in planning and succeeding in organizing a really exciting program" - Christian Holtze BASF SE Germany

"This huge event for microfluidics researchers was extremely interesting to establish a network and find synergy in microfluidics experiences." - Eloise Perriset Merck Millipore France

"The MF Consortium has been a big help to Diba in understanding the microfluidics market, meeting the key players, meeting thought leaders in the market, and general networking". - Todd Burt CEO Diba USA 

Download executive summary here, contact CfBI for formal prospectus / sign up process