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Distributed Ledger Technologies—DLT-1



The new ‘DLT-1’ consortium (our tenth) from the Centre for Business Innovation (CfBI) and it will focus on corporate applications of Distributed Ledger Technologies.


Whilst Blockchain technology is still in its infancy and use-cases are continuing to be developed. There is a consensus around four strong potential areas, where many consortium members are focussing and experimenting:


     Provenance, Auditing and Compliance: learning from the emerging examples of creating trust in the supply chain and wider systems

     Smart (auto-executing) contracts and dealing with disputes: often in the financial arena, dealing with counterparty risk e.g. factoring. Investigating how to be mindful of the legal framework and dispute resolution issues this creates.

     Decentralised Markets: ecosystems of buyers and sellers with little/no intermediary (the ‘Amazon/Ebay/Uber’ killer). Are there opportunities for new markets or are you next on the ‘hit list’?

     Payments, and potentially in the future micro-payments, Not only bitcoin but potentially the enabler of the entire DLT economy


Members will also want to stay abreast of ongoing arguments about the final take-up of solutions, and deal with the lack of basic understanding of the differences to existing database and infrastructure systems within their organisations. In addition, it is important to map the many hurdles that need to be overcome to unlock the power that these technologies might bring as they mature and are applied over the next 10 years.


Thrashing out the needs of various users and the common ground, required to allow these systems to work without compromising the security or fungibility of the network across private and public chains, is an area which needs exploration now. In particular, conversations in this area are needed before you will be able to fully assess the risk profiles of projects in both:


     Absolute terms: what is the worst that can happen

     Relative terms: How does this risk profile differ from non-DLT solutions.


I’m interested! What do I do now?


Contact Adam Swash on 07747015852 / adam.swash@cfbi.com for a discussion about your needs/interests and how these might be addressed in DLT-1