2 thoughts on “Microfluidics Consortium Gallery. This is what our physical events look like – and what our delegates think of our virtual events!”

  1. Hi Peter,

    First of all congratulations on a great event.

    The Hopin platform worked very well – I was surprised how well it represented an actual event and how smoothly everything ran.
    I think the online format works very well, amongst other things it enables people to dip in and out easily. Perhaps when the COVID scares are over we should consider doing a portion of events online.
    Look forward to using this again in future events.

    I thought the event itself was very good – quite a few new faces and good interest towards microfluidics.
    We certainly got good interest and high quality leads.

    I will fill out the official questioner and will catch up with you later.



  2. Hi Peter,

    Thank you for the follow up, I filled in the survey with feedback accordingly.

    I want to say that you did an excellent job – for me and SuSoS this event led to at least 15 interesting conversations, created at least 5 (hopefully 7) concrete new projects – you really lead the way, congratulations to both you and Alice for masting this!

    Specifically to your questions:
    1. Yes, please make Hopin a permanent part of the MF11 meetings
    2. Yes, please keep the EXPO as an institution – once or twice a year, whatever turns out to be more effective.

    All the best,

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