Microfluidics Consortium in California

Welcome to the Microfluidics Consortium Open Day Site! Take a look around to see the exciting things we have going on at this hybrid) event.

Next Meeting: Microfluidics Global Expo – Virtual and Physical HERE

Tempted?! Register on this site to participate. Tell your friends!

Delegates anywhere in the world can drop in and out at any time to suit their work/life balance.

This Consortium meeting will cover Research, Applications, Start-ups and Simulation.

Delegates will:

– hear from & question thought leading research speakers from University of California in Los Angeles, University ofCalifornia in Irvine and University of California in SanDiego

– hear about real scaled-up applications from Dolomite, Philips, Micronit, MicroCAPS and z-microsystems

– visit exhibition booths hosted by leading industry vendors, see demonstrations of the latest kit and discuss with them in private where win-wins for you might lie

– meet partners, employers, customers and funders from around the world in 1-2-1, small group and larger session video meetings

-experience our latest virtual networking platform and our ‘Concierge Service’ designed to help delegates in real time

MF Members will, in addition benefit from:

– Meeting selected microfluidics enabled start-ups

– Shaping an progressing the work of the consortium (strategic direction, shared programmes and engagement with key influencers)

– Higher level of networking with MF11 members (visit our Gallery to get a feeling for how the consortium works)

10 thoughts on “Join the Microfluidics Global Expo on September 29th for Insight, Networking & Deals from around the world delivered to your Desktop or Mobile Phone”

    1. Hi there CHC,

      At present we have not seen your payment ?did you use PayPal or Stripe? As soon as it comes through we will send you a receipt and also a link to the event platform.


      Peter Hewkin

  1. Hi Again, CHC. Payment arrived. Thank-you. Receipt and Link to the event platform have been sent.


    Peter Hewkin

  2. We are delighted to have nearly 200 delegates from world class organisations including: Danaher, Philips, BD, Proctor and Gamble, MIT, UC Berkeley, A-Star, U Cambridge, Sartorius, US Air Force and U Tokyo

    1. Email with Link to join us live is on its way to you. Sessions for Dolomite, Edge Embossing and Micronit are still to come as well as networking and visits to booths

  3. We are delighted to have delegates from leading companies including: Danaher (US), BD Bioscience (US), Sartorius (US), Cellion (US), Cytiva (S / US), Evonetix (UK), Fluidic Analytics (UK), Philips (NL), Lonza (D), Fluxergy (US), Cepheid (US), Hummingbird Bio (US), Keiron Technologies (NL), Pall Corp (US), Zurich Instruments (CH), Emulate (US) and Cepheid (US)

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