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We start at 10:45 EDT US Eastern time ( 15:00 UTC; 16:00 BST London time 17:00 CEST European time; +1 01:00 AEST Melbourne time; 08:00 PDT US Pacific Time) with an Introduction about the Microfluidics Consortium from Peter Hewkin followed by a talk entitled ‘Microfluidics as a tool to optimize oil displacement in reservoirs’ from Marcio Carvalho of PUC Brazil.

Delegates are then encouraged to visit the Exhibition area where they can hear talks at member booths hosted by

Adhesives Research

Boston Microfabrication

Dolomite Microfluidics




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At 8:45 PDT US Pacific Time (16:00 UTC ; 12:00 EDT US Eastern time; ; 17:00 BST London time 18:00 CEST European time; +1 02:00 AEST Melbourne time; we will hear a keynote talk from Albert Folch of the University of Washington. See title and abstract below:

PRESENTATION TITLE: “Digital Manufacturing of Microfluidic Tissue” Chips”

ABSTRACT: The microfluidics field is at a critical crossroads: the technology has had a huge impact, yet the fabrication of complex microfluidic devices remains technically challenging and expensive, and the community does not agree on the “ideal material”. As a result, the dissemination of microfluidic technology – and its impact on society – is in jeopardy. Digital Manufacturing (DM) is a family of computer-centered processes that integrate digital 3D designs, automated (additive or subtractive) fabrication, and device testing in order to increase fabrication efficiency. The adoption of DM by microfluidic engineers has been slow, likely due to concerns over the resolution of the printers and the biocompatibility of the resins. I will review our recent efforts based on the 3D-Printing of biocompatible PEG-DA resins and laser cutting of plastic laminates, which have enabled us to launch a functional platform for cancer diagnostics that can multiplex drug testing directly on live tumor biopsies from patients

The session then continues until 19:00 BST / 11am PDT with talks form Exhibitors and visits to booths