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We start at 16:30 Singapore time ( 8:30 UST ; 9:30 BST UK time ; 10:30 CEST European time; 19:00 AEST Melborne time; 05:00 EDT US Eastern time : 02:00 PDT US Pacific Time); with an introduction to the Microfluidics Consortium from Peter Hewkin followed by talk from Dr Charles Wei Wang of the Smart Microfluidics Group at A Star in Singapore.

‘Design, Prototyping and Pilot manufacturing for industry – Microfluidic Development in SIMTech, Singapore’ Charles Wang

This will be followed by 3 discussion sessions 15minutes each led by exhibiting organisations.

At 19:00 Singapore time we will hear at talk entitled

‘Advancing new therapeutic strategies through the use of microfluid platforms – challenges and opportunities’

from Wojciech Chrzanowski at the University of Sydney. Formal proceedings will close at 19:30 but delegates are encouraged to linger / network.

For the rest of the Session delegates are encouraged to go to the Exhibition Area and visit the booths of members of the Microfluidics Consortium including: