Associate Professor Wojciech Chrzanowski is a Deputy Director at Sydney Nano Institute and Head of Nanomedicine and Nano-Bio-Characterisation laboratory in the Sydney School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine and Health. He is a biomedical engineer who translates the science of extracellular vesicles and bio-characterisation at nanoscale to human applications. His work addresses a desperate need for effective technologies that regulate stem cells to promote desired tissue repair. Wojciech laboratory pioneers the use of nanoscale characterisation techniques to understand cellular communication and functionality of tissues. Wojciech contribution to the field is exemplified by over 150 peer-reviewed publications, four patents and over 70 invited talks and seminars. He is a recipient of numerous prizes and awards for his work including 2019 Bary Inglis Medal form National Measurement Institute, 2018 Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research and Education and 2018 Outstanding Paper Award from Royal Society of Chemistry. Translation potential of his work is demonstrated by several grant funding he received to move his research discoveries into realms of mainstream medicine.