Kadi Liis Saar is a research fellow at St John’s College, University of Cambridge, and a Schmidt Science Fellow based jointly at the Centre for Misfolding Diseases in the Department of Chemistry and the Maxwell Centre in the Department of Physics. She is a chemical engineer by training and obtained her PhD degree in biophysical chemistry at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof. Tuomas Knowles.
The research of Kadi and her colleagues focuses on developing new experimental methods and computational approaches for probing the behaviour of proteins, in particular the biological interactions in which protein molecules are involved. This is vital to understand as the majority of proteins are known to exert their function not on their own but through interacting with other biomolecules. One of Kadi’s key interests is the development of new technology concepts that could be used as part of clinical diagnostics and a number of her inventions in this area have been patented and licensed out for product development.