z-microsystems® is a business unit of z-werkzeugbau-gmbh.

Specialized in the production of complete plastic assemblies with high precision plastic parts, z-microsystems® supports customers all over the world. The focus is on the diagnostics industry and in particular, point of care such as microfluidic precision consumables and lab-on-chip systems but also precision micro-plastic injection molded parts. The scope of supply ranges from the manufacture of precision plastic parts with very low part-to-part tolerances to complete assembled systems. The in-house core competencies include product-development-support in the very early project phases up to continuous high volume production. During this development process, z-microsystems® is your single point of contact. This approach enables to reduce the time to market significantly. By covering the entire manufacturing process for a successful product, interface risks of complex systems can be reduced by choosing the right technologies for each process step. Our technology set includes various production methods, like compression injection molding or variotherm heating, in terms of the injection molding process. For the bonding processes, solvent bonding, ultrasonic welding or laser welding are processes that are often used among others and are well established. We define the production technology for each process step that best fits your product requirements. The focus is always on a robust and reliable production process from low to high quantities.

The z-microsystems® team looks forward to supporting you on your way from the idea to a successful product.