Advanced Microfluidics’ story

All this began when someone needed a solution that didn’t exist.

Our first partners were developing a complex lab automation project and could not find suitable components on the market. Knowing our passion for microfluidics, they approached us. Together, we developed a solution that specifically corresponded to their needs. Our first product was born, the automated sample preparator.

The know-how that resulted in this partnership enabled us to identify several additional market needs and develop more products. Thus Advanced Microfluidics was created.

Based in the heart of the Swiss watch and med-tech valley, in the EPFL innovation park, our team is committed to designing high-end, user-friendly fluidic solutions.

Advanced Microfluidics’ mission

We are the Swiss army knife of microfluidic components and solutions for the industry and laboratories.

We develop and provide innovant, robust and reliable premium OEM tools for microfluidic automation and integrations.

We offer catalogue products and optimised solutions for your specific application. We help you save time and design our systems for easy integration.

Advanced Microfluidics’ vision

We deliver high-performance and added-value instrumentation with an important focus on robustness, quality, performance and cost. We create microfluidic solutions for easy and smart integration. These will help you speed up the development and reliability of microfluidic-based instrumentation technologies directed to enhance human welfare and environment.